At modoola, we believe in transforming workspaces into productive and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our innovative office furniture, grounded in meticulous research and the cutting-edge technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), combines design, functionality, and personalization.

Our smart office furniture line heralds a new era of workspace efficiency, emphasizing sustainable practices and local production. All our products are crafted from FSC-certified, sustainable wooden materials, supporting not only your work efficiency but also environmental conservation.

One of the highlights of our collection is the range of smart desks that come in different sizes to suit any space. We’re particularly proud to introduce our two star products: “The Queen B”, “The Worker” and the “Home Worker” desks.

The “Home Worker” Desk

Our newly designed home workstation is ideal for homeworkers in need of space. It can accommodate 2- 3 monitors. This desk measures approximately 140 x 80 cm.

The “Queen B” Desk

Our best selling workstation is ideal for 2 or even 3 monitors. This desk measures approximately 140 cm x 80 cm. 

The “Worker” Desk

With its minimal design this smart desk makes a great compact workstation. The desk top measures approximately 120 cm x 80 cm.