The aim is to deliver beautiful yet functional furniture that will enhance any office environment. Our products are made locally, reducing the environmental impact of transport and logistics. We always use wooden sheet materials from sustainable, FSC-certified sources.

A different approach to designer furniture

Designed to made furniture on demand, Modoola products cut out the middlemen and logistics of global supply chains. Providing a more direct and personalised experience, customers still gain all the benefits of designer furniture without the long lead times and costly price tag. This approach cuts the delivery and lead time of a designer fit out to 1-4 weeks, as opposed to the 8-12 weeks typically quoted by traditional suppliers.
Personalised for you
Because our furniture is made on-demand, it can be personalised to your brand and environment, for example by milling your logo into the design. We also tailor our product dimensions to your exact working space.
Price Sensitive
Modoola cuts out logistical costs and reduces the mark-up on retail and shipping by as much as 300% – with products typically coming in 50% cheaper than other designer brands.
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