Made to measure custom desks for your exact requirements. Choose from our dynamic hexagonal desks, combined together to make a honeycomb pattern. Available individually or in bulk to complete your home or office, for a stunning and individual aesthetic.

Our Signature Style

The rectangular desk has been a traditional staple for centuries. Instead we have created a stylish, minimalist design revolutionising the shape and form so each unit can be combined easily with others. We have created a useful, affordable and easy-to-assemble piece of furniture, with a 2 minute assemble time. Each unit has an optional 3 power sockets and 2 USB ports embedded into the design, eliminating mess for a cleaner, clearer working environment with no more messy cables. Desks come in 3 minimum widths: 120cm, 150cm and 180cm options, maximising space. We produce on demand and desks are made to order.




Sustainable Materials

For high quality, beautifully designed furniture with sustainability at the core, look no further. Our ethos is responsible production and reasonable prices. Made from 100% recycled materials our shapes are inspired by beehives. Combine desks to form a circle, line or small collection of desks, supporting a more versatile and open workspace.

We tested various materials before selecting the right grade of plywood from a UK supplier. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

We source materials in an ethical way with a small carbon footprint, helping to promote eco-friendliness. All our waste is collected and recycled as heating wood for our workshop (what is the workshop?). We use responsibly harvested wood with non-toxic finishes, using designs that increases surface area to reduce waste.




Assemble in less than 2 minutes, with no screws or tools needed. Plot bespoke desks into your furnishings for a collaborative and modern aesthetic. Units are lightweight yet strong.
Designed with embedded power sockets and USB ports, this helps to leave messy cables behind forever in favour of clean and clear workspace.