Top 6 Office Space and Furniture Trends

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As the business world continues to change, so does the work space and furniture that these business are using to improve their company. The trends of this year’s furniture focus on flexibility, collaboration, and creativity. Businesses are working on improving the workspace for their employees to ultimately improve productivity and comfort. Companies are now putting a stronger focus on an employee’s well being and taking their health into consideration when they are planning how to design and upgrade their spaces.


Integrated Technology

Technology is an essential and integral part of a business and its success in their specific industry. With people’s constant need to be connected to their phones, laptops, and other technology devices, it is a logical move for office furniture to become more integrated with technology.

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Whether you are Skyping someone in a different country or you are simply sending an email to another employee in the building, the ability to continue your work and stay connected to your network is critical. Office furniture with built in power adapters, USB ports, and multimedia capabilities will be seen in well designed and flexible work environments. This ultimately increases productivity by allowing employees to be able to stay connected anywhere in the building.


Meeting Room Pods

Meeting pods are one of the newest trends when it comes to office spaces, with a huge rise in popularity over the last few years, pods are becoming a popular alternative to meeting rooms. They have an efficient installation process and can be easily taken apart and reconstructed if you choose to change your office layout or decided to move offices. These meeting pods serve as a more cost effective solution to traditional and permanent structures.

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Their modular design can be put into any space that a company has available. These pods offer a convenient multi-use space for impromptu meetings or quiet thought for employees who want to get away from the buzz of the office.


Future Proof Design

As companies begin to grow and create new jobs, it has become increasingly important to have furniture that allows the company to change their layout. Keeping office spaces as flexible as possible, while investment and development costs low, is a growing trend among businesses. It is crucial that furniture is flexible and adaptable. Modular seating and workbenches, allow companies to have flexible layouts.

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A modern workspace is constantly developing and changing and the furniture needs to be able to be modified in order to keep up with changes taking place.


Bringing the Outdoors In

With office workers spending around eight hours or more a day inside, there are many benefits to bringing natural elements into the workplace. “Green Walls” or living walls are one of the newest trends that is bringing nature into an office and changing the entire environment of the workspace. More companies are beginning to focus on greenery in the workplace, which not only improves air quality and reduces stress, but also creates a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, which in turns boosts happiness and health.

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Plants filter unwanted toxins from the air, creating a cleaner indoor environment. These walls can also be energy saving and act like a second layer of insulation for a building, preventing hot air from coming in and cool air from going out. Living walls and moss walls bring in an element of nature that not only creates a beautiful piece of art, but also cleans the air and makes a positive statement about the business.


Smart Lighting

Poor lighting will almost always have a detrimental effect on a person’s ability to perform efficiently. Evidence also suggests that inadequate lighting can contribute to depression (especially in the winter months) and can even lower productivity. Many companies are moving from the traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights, which can cause eye strain, to LED lighting.

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These energy efficient light bulbs produce a white light that closely mimics natural sunlight, which helps people with productivity and their overall mood. LED lighting can also lower the total energy costs for a company. LED uses a very small amount of electricity and they last for up to 50 times as long as incandescent lights, ultimately reducing your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.


Solar Energy

As companies become more cognizant of their impact on the environment, they have been looking at new innovations in renewable energy resources. Solar power is rapidly becoming cheaper and more efficient, and not just for utility companies.  Although solar power has been on the market for a while now, more and more companies have started to implement solar power into their companies. Many people think that solar power is limited to solar tiles on top of a roof but there are many other ways to utilize the sun’s power. One company has created solar panels that are able to go on the corners of the buildings windows.

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Their design, called the PowerWindow, places small solar panels on the edges of the window, producing a small amount of power while remaining transparent. These solar panels can produce enough electricity to charge a smartphone multiple times per day.


Aspects of the business community are continuously changing and the atmosphere and environment is growing and morphing. The aesthetic and appearance of your office has to reflect these changes. Companies are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, which is a major factor in why companies are making so many changes. These trends also reflect companies’ attention to their employees’ physical and mental health.