7 Amazing Workspaces Around the World

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With the increase of professionals working independently as freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs over the past few years, we have seen co-working spaces become significantly more prominent. Around the world, co-working spaces are being built, each building with its own culture and personality. Every co-working space around the globe has unique aspects and offers specialty services that make it stand apart from other buildings. From Ping-Pong tables to dumpling making classes, these spaces have worked hard to become an innovative, creative and a fun atmosphere to work in. Here is a look at some of the most amazing co-working spaces around the world:

Green Spaces – Denver, CO, US

Companies are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint that they are leaving behind with the use of things like electricity and the waste their company generates. Green Spaces strives to bring businesses that are addressing their environmental and social impact on the planet together. They hope by doing this everyone can thrive by connecting and gaining more exposure in the rapidly growing, socially conscious marketplace.

Work Spaces (Denver,CO)

Green Spaces is committed to becoming the leading green clubhouse to accelerate emerging social enterprises and provide a thoughtful, green space to connect and work in.  Located in the River North Arts District, Green Spaces Denver offers a space that was built while keeping their social and environmental stances in mind. They accomplished this by having over 160 solar panels on their building’s roof (offsetting almost 100% of the energy used by members) and by having living green walls throughout their building.

Bathtub 2 Boardroom – London, UK

Often times, renting a desk or a room in a co-working environment can be quite expensive, but Bathtub 2 Boardroom has made it their mission to offer affordable and accessible resources and skills. This company specializes in offering workspace to entrepreneurs who have many creative ideas but do not have that much money to invest in their own building.  At Bathtub 2 Boardroom they strive to help young people today develop their own entrepreneurial skill-set in order to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.

Work Spaces (London,UK)

They believe that by making a connection between young people and entrepreneurs, through mentoring, work experience and talks by start-up founders, they can help young people understand the many diverse opportunities that exist in the start-up and entrepreneur world and increase their employability skills through working with real businesses. There are two locations in London (the City and East London) and their goal is to enable all passionate entrepreneurs to access crucial support affordably.

AHOY! – Berlin, Germany

A huge and light-filled 1400 sq. meter space provides a space that encourages productivity and innovation. With their large and open common space and play area you can be sure to find whatever suits your needs! AHOY! is a space for co-working and innovation, where individuals and companies can rent fully equipped work stations, quiet offices and organize events.

Work Spaces (Berlin, Germany)

They pride themselves in having a diverse community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, makers and doers. The nautical theme mimics the new startup economy to the open sea with its strong currents and unpredictable weather. By fostering an environment where people gladly take part in discussing different ideas and points of view, they empower other members so they can get feedback, different opinions and constructive criticism from the community on the spot. The rates are competitive given the roominess, plus there’s a floor for breakout fun, including billiards, punch bag and table tennis.

Creative Lounge MOV – Tokyo, Japan

Creative Lounge Mov is a high-end co-working spot right in the heart of Tokyo. This space has a modern open layout design. There are four main parts of this space including a main open lounge, meeting rooms, a showcase area, and a Residence Area. The main open lounge area features many hot desk tables to work on, comfortable couches and park style benches that encourage community and sharing of ideas. Creative Lounge MOV offers three showcases that is a place that supports innovative business people to think outside the box.

Work Spaces (Tokyo, Japan)

They offer unique meeting rooms, each with different design, they can be used for meetings and presentations and they also can be used for a wide variety of purposes from seminars and events, to filming. The Residence Area is used as a small office for those who are seeking to use this space as the hub of their business.

B. Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The biggest startup community in Europe, B. Amsterdam is where professionals, startups, and other independent professionals across industries can gather to innovate, connect and grow together. They try to build a bridge between startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate people and bring them together, set up ways to learn from each other. By putting the professions and entrepreneurs together they ultimately help each other by coming from different backgrounds: the corporates contributing the capital and expertise, startups have the ability to explore their creativity and ambitions.

Work Spaces (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Not only is this a space for entrepreneurs and startups to collaborate but this space is also known to be a common meeting place for investors and government officials. This space is modern with an industrial twist filled with natural light and high ceilings. B. Amsterdam also provides two lounges, a cinema, parking spots and even a rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam.

SimplyWork – Shenzhen, China

This co-working space was recently founded in 2015 by a group of young entrepreneurs who were looking for a welcoming and nurturing place to work. SimplyWork is Shenzhen’s coolest and most international co-working space that is aiming to provide entrepreneurs with a well equipped facilities and thoughtful services.

Work Spaces (Shenzhen,China)

They provide comfortable collaborative spaces, local and international venture capital resources, professional and thoughtful entrepreneurial services, unique and inspiring events, and an exciting atmosphere. Community exists at SimplyWork with a friendly and supportive network of connections for helping members build, create and grow. SimplyWork hosts many interesting and chill activities from fitness classes, board games, beer meet-ups, holiday parties, dumpling making and movie nights.

DI Telegraph – Moscow, Russia

Situated in the very center of Moscow, DI Telegraph is a spacious beautiful co-working loft, which is so well made you will want to live there. This space is the place where creative professionals and representatives of the most interesting IT Projects in Moscow come to work and exchange ideas and experiences. DI Telegraph has large windows allowing natural light to flooding in to this two-story building. This building consists of four working areas: a large conference room, co-working space and two meeting rooms.

Work Spaces (Moscow, Russia)

Hosting many Russian startups as well as designers, students and freelancers, DI Telegraph is a great place to meet like-minded individuals. The Iconic Telegraph building has found a new life in the 21st century as the place where the most bold and innovative technology is created.

Each of these spaces are all unique and very diverse from one another, from a space focusing on their environmental impact to another having a park theme in their building. Although each space has a unique twist on their idea of a co-working space, every one of these spaces has one thing in common; they all encourage people to connect with one another while working on their projects or jobs. These spaces are unique, creative and exciting spaces to work on your small business, or collaborate with another company.